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Electrical engineering involves design, testing, manufacturing, construction, control, monitoring and inspection of electrical and electronic devices, machinery and systems. These systems vary in scale from microscopic circuits to national power generation and transmission systems.
Electrical Engineering is one of the branch oldest branches from time immemorial. It is one of the fundamental branches of science and technology on which all other modern branches of engineering have evolved from. Electrical and Electronics engineers work in a variety of fields including power sector, machine design, renewable energy sector, biomedical engineering, aerospace industry, communications industry and information technology.
The department of Electrical and Electronics engineering was started in 2001 with an intake of 60 students. The department has well established laboratories. The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty. The students of the department are regularly exposed to the latest trends in the field of electrical and electronics engineering through regular industrial visits, guest lectures and workshops etc.

HOD's Message

It gives me immense pride and pleasure to lead the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of this esteemed and prestigious institution of this country.
Sitting squarely in an Engineering Faculty, the Department of EEE is focused on devising innovative, accurate solutions to complex problems, whilst ensuring that the solutions execute optimally. The department’s excellent infrastructure, extremely talented teaching faculty ensures quality education of the best kind. The Faculty members along with a Training and Placement Cell ensure a bright future to its students. Thus we are confident that our students will emerge as assets not only to this institution and to the organization they belong, but also to the country at large. The institution has attained autonomous status under VTU through which department is successfully engaging in a wide spectrum of courses with contemporary syllabi in under graduate and post graduate levels. The department is renowned for both rigor and innovation; the curriculum is designed such a way that the department will focus to develop competent Electrical/Electronics Engineers who can take up industry challenges in their professional life. More emphasis is given on practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge. The Department fosters automation through computers, experimental investigation and exposure to industrial problems. Immense practical value is sensed by students due to emphasis given to the extensive use of Power Electronics in modern Transmission Systems, Electric Drives, Power Systems and controls in engineering
We at EEE department continue to transform the way we live - from the latest gazettes through sophisticated scientific and industrial technologies. The EEE department endeavors to streamline the career options and pave ways for recent graduates to explore new career opportunities. The EEE graduates will have the opportunity to work in various private/Govt./ public sectors and industries Further, our graduates has various options to choose for career growth viz. he can easily switch over to software field or can opt for design/fabrication of electronic hardware engineer or can also chose to become an entrepreneur.
The Department has close collaboration with leading Training/ Research Institutes, Industries to share and augment new knowledge & skills to the students. Further the department receives grants regularly from various reputed funding organizations to carry out research and other academic activities.
The department shows outstanding performance by obtaining excellent results with several distinctions and the department regularly gets university ranks. Further the department understands the importance of student’s involvement in various external and internal professional bodies, which helps them to build the technology gap between Industry- academia, enriches knowledge and skill in latest industry trends. It is also our endeavor to ensure that the students of EEE department adhere to ethical values in life and be sensitive to environmental and social issues. The innovation culture in alma mater is enhanced by our alumnus, who acts as catalytic agents.
Thanks to the efforts of our management, researchers, teachers, alumnus and students for their continuous support. We continue to play a leading role in our discipline and are committed towards creating innovative and effective professional graduate community which would vivacious and provide continuous learning.


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Ques.Papers & Syllabus

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Lab Details

1.Basic Electrical Lab

KVL, KCL kits, ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, energy meter of different ratings, transformer testing panel, DC shunt motor set up to study series and parallel resonance, measurement of three phase power with two wattmeter method etc.

2.Electrical Machines Lab

Polarity and ratio test, OC and SC test on single phase transformer complete set up, cut model of single phase and three phase transformer, DC motor, Digital tachometer, Set up to study characteristics of various AC & DC generators and motors, etc.

3.Switchgear and Protection Lab

Experimental set up to study symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults on AC &DC network analyzers, electromagnetic type over current relay IDMT and Merz Price protection set up, three phase over currentand static relay etc.

4.Transmission and Distribution Lab

Megger, string insulators with guard ring, radial configuration and ring main configuration to study DC distribution system, paper model of single layer and multi layer cable, model of long transmission line, etc.

5.Measuring Instrument Lab

Wheatstone Bridge, Kelvin’s Bridge, Flux Meter, Wein’s Bridge, CT, PT, CRO’s, LVDT, Q-meter, and Thermocouple, Piezoelectric Transducer .

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EEE lab

DC Moter Control

Machine Lab

Machine Lab.

Machine Lab..

Measment Lab

MG Set Control